Are your kids trying to get you to move in with a bunch of old people???? 

We hear it all the time! We get it!

You may be surprised to find how few ‘old people’ reside at Alderwood. We understand and foster the difference between chronology and spirit! Expect engaging, humorous interactions with the ‘well-seasoned teenagers’ whose journeys we are so honored to share! When we say assisted ‘living,’ we mean ‘living it up!’

We believe that life is way too short to spend it as an adult! Let your worries go and celebrate the day–your way!

Let’s get real here. On the road of life, if you are so lucky, the years mount. As one becomes more ‘classic’ the chassis loses some integrity. That’s the norm. Just get over it! Alderwood is a No Shame Zone. We looooooove our classics! For all the years, you’re in pretty good shape for the shape you’re in.

Since life is a one-way street, it’s a game of how far you can go. We cheer the race and celebrate every day! Put your foot to the pedal and the pedal to the metal! At Alderwood, aging is a competitive sport!

Expect to meet titled gentry at our castle: Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Knights, Baronesses and more but we reserve the title of Lord and Lady of the Manor for the the two royals privileged to be the champions at long life! Birthdays really ‘Count’ around here!

We have proof that that birthdays are healthy for you! Those who have the most, live the longest! Celebrate!

Your peace of mind or theirs?

Why should you move to Alderwood? Certainly for the fun, but also because living with us provides security. It’s the unscheduled emergencies that scare your kids. Moving here will give them peace of mind! Use our extended care services when~and only when~you need them. Think of it as driving cross country in a 1930 Lizzie. No matter how well tended, there will be issues! Plan ahead for the journey. That’s all. No Shame!

Be assured that we totally understand that moving from your current home to your new home with us is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. We expect you to grieve the loss of familiar surroundings but promise that your freedom will actually increase—like not having to argue with your kids any more! Bottom line, moving to our neighborhood may be the wiser, safer and ‘funner’ choice.

That’s our goal! To provide the backdrop to your ongoing full and satisfying life!

Surprise your kids!  Tell them you’re moving the Classic to the Castle!